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Nico Junman, Katharine Maltwood, 1905.

About the Maltwoods

About Katharine and John Maltwood

Katharine Maltwood (1878-1961) was a British sculptor, scholar and collector who moved to Canada in 1938 with her husband John. Living in Victoria, she continued as an artist and patron to such artists as Emily Carr, W.P. Weston, Stella Langdale and Ina Uhthoff. Reflecting the tastes and travels of the Maltwoods, their collection grew to include Asian ceramics, textiles, 17th century English furniture, Canadian paintings and Katharine's own sculptures. Upon the passing of the couple, the University was bequested their collection and house — the latter being sold to fund UVic’s first dedicated gallery on campus and form an endowment which contributes to Legacy’s collection care. Over the years, UVic has built upon the Maltwood collection, adding objects reflecting aspects of the International Arts and Crafts Movement. The personal papers of the Maltwoods, along with their substantial collection of rare books, are held by UVic Library in Archives and Special Collections. You can learn more about the Maltwoods on the collection website.

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