Adolphe Appia 1862 to 1928

June 19 – July 13, 1986

Maltwood Art Gallery

Adolphe Appia’s revolutionary conception of stage was demonstrated through photographs of opera performances, facsimiles of drawings for stage design, and informative text. Appia was a pioneer in stage design that studied music in Geneva, Paris, Leipzig and Dresden, and then apprenticed in theatre design in Dresden and Vienna.

Appia saw light as the element of foremost importance on a stage set. With his innovative approach, he rejected the traditional practice of using false backgrounds and purely decorative set components to establish ambiance. His designs were fluid and suggestive and left the stage open behind the actors. He designed sets for Italian, Swiss and German theatres, notably the Wagnerian productions at Beyreuth.

This exhibition was sponsored by Pro Helvetia, Zurich, Switzerland.