Alumni Artists: An Exhibition of Work by Former University of Victoria Students

Pat George, Behind the Green Door, 1982, Acquired 2000
Pat George, Behind the Green Door, 1982, Acquired 2000

September 22 – October 9, 1983

Maltwood Art Gallery

This was an exhibition of works by UVic alumni.

The artists included Susan Ferguson, Karen Severson, Mischa German van Eck, Ritha Mason, Patricia Luchinsky, Phyllis Serota, Roberta Sutherland, Patricia Wilkinson, Mimi Jones, Kay Fallows Hargreaves, Christine Packford, Valentina Polushin, Miriam Thorn, Audrey Tootill, Theresa Bassett, John Russell, Marie Stoney, Caroline Wolmuth, Ted Polkinghorne, Ian McNaughtan, Pat George, Diana Thompson, George Clement, Glen Howarth, Peggy Arber, Gwen Curry, Avis Rassmuseen, Sylvia Wagner, Wendy Dobereiner, Eric Metcalfe, Mary Hunter, John Walker, Jan Vriesen, Star Wyatt, Henry Hunt, H. R. H. The Duke of Edinburgh (Honrary Graduate, 1969), George Allen, Jo-Anne Salmond, Alison Skelton, and Diana Guenther.

Many of these artists have pieces in our collection, to view them visit our online inventory here and search by their name.

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