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Salish Reflections

Susan Point, Symphony of Butterlies
Susan Point, Symphony of Butterlies

September 2011 – Present

Cornett Building, University of Victoria Campus

The online catalogue for Salish Reflections is available here. It features a self-guided art tour, numerous artworks and artist biographies.

As part of the renovations completed in the Fall of 2011, and with the generosity of George and Christiane Smyth, the Cornett Building has become an established centre for Coast Salish art. By displaying 26 artworks created by six Coast Salish artists, the University of Victoria and the Faculty of Social Sciences hopes to honour the history, customs, and culture of the Coast Salish, while inspiring student, faculty, and the greater community.

This installation has been named Salish Reflections for two reasons. Firstly, lessLIE’s piece Reflections has been used to decorate all exterior doors of Cornett, so it seemed fit to incorporate this important work even further. Secondly, the aim of the installation is to become more familiar with and reflect upon the Coast Salish art of our region. This website was created to be a destination for those wishing to learn more about Coast Salish peoples and their art.