Becoming Art: Development and Process in the Sculpture of Bob de Castro (1924-1986)

Robert De Castro, Sketch #1
Robert De Castro, Sketch #1

June 17 – August 30, 1996

McPherson Library Gallery

This was a retrospective of Bob de Castro’s sculpture artwork ten years following his death. De Castro has been described as Canada’s Vincent van Gogh of sculpture, and his lifetime achievements were boundless.

A large collection of slides, photographs, negatives and newsclippings of de Castro’s works will be available from the University of Victoria’s archives. To view a selection of his sketches, visit out online inventory here and search “Robert De Castro”.

About the Artist:

Bob de Castro (1924-1986) was a sculptor based out of Victoria, B.C. but was born in Winnipeg.

During his lifetime, Robert De Castro asked for no grants, sold no pieces, and did not exhibit his work in public. He simply spent hours in his workshop, one might say obsessively, creating his bleak, black carvings.

-Robert Amos, “Carvings speak of dark nights of a soul”, Times Colonist, July 6, 1996