Chinese Lacquer Painting

July 25 – August 29, 1993

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

The exhibition Chinese Lacquer Paintings is a travelling exhibition organized by the Department of Communications, Ottawa, from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. It is an exhibition of 41 modern lacquer paintings.

During the 1960s the Chinese lacquer painting made a breakthrough away from the realm of arts and crafts. Lacquer paintings were used to express the modern concepts of aesthetics, to depict the lives of the modern times and the emotions of the painters. As this means of painting is easy to manipulate and low in cost it has won instant favour from the public, with natural lacquer and synthetic lacquer complementing each other and promoting each other. Pieces of lacquer painting works started to find their way into a series of exhibitions of fine arts held both at home and abroad. 1980s has seen a rapid development of lacquer paintings.