Haida: Spirits of the Sea

Thunderbird and Man by Charles W. Elliott

Charles W. Elliott, Thunderbird and Man

Online Catalogue

The online catalogue of Haida: Spirits of the Sea is available here. It features a game centred on First Nations art, a gallery of artworks, and information on the SIx Nations.

More About the Exhibition

The University of Victoria’s Maltwood Museum and Art Gallery is proud to present its collection of Northwest Coast First Nations prints. Having 2000 prints in their collection, this website was established to make a small sample of this art globally accessible.

The goal is to present these images in a stimulating and informative manner through SchoolNet. The user will encounter the art in the form of a game: It is an educational art game. It will test the user’s learning of the Northwest Coast First Nations peoples and their art.

The First Nations of the Northwest Coast of B.C. are a diverse group of peoples. Even within a Nation, the villages differ from each other in history and customs. These peoples have strong art traditions. This site focuses on innovative artists who are strongly rooted in their cultures. As First Nations people have endured major societal changes, it is natural to think that the artwork would reflect that. Art is an expression for individuals and also an expression of the culture. First Nations art is more than pretty pictures – there is meaning rooted in the history, family, stories, beliefs and traditions of the peoples. There is life to the art.

In the above website you may access more specific information about the cultures, or play a game based on First Nations art. The game is a journey through the six nations. Your aim is to complete the journey in the fewest number of days possible and most importantly, have fun!