Les Manning: Clayscapes

March 10 – April 7, 1980

McPherson Library Gallery

This was a travelling exhibition of the ceramic work of Les Manning.

I remember, as a young boy, being aware of finding shelter from the wind. I believe this influenced me to spend a lifetime beside a warm kiln. In this collection perhaps you can feel some of the elements I experienced. As a person’s experience grows it’s important to be more direct, removing indecision and questioning, and to be confident and united with the material – not disciplining it, but sharing the clay’s expression. I fell all things are related, even the conflict between the formal and the informal which I attempt to bring together in my work. This is highlighted by form and with textures of clay related to my life experience as well as the natural environment.

Heavy grogged stoneware for the now and immediate surroundings. Smooth media stoneware for the near future and background porcelain for the distant and more refined statement.

-Les Manning