Origin Stories II

Serigraph prints from the UVic Legacy Art Galleries

Guest curated by Jackson McDermott (Dene/Cree), organised by Wyatt Schiefelbein

On until the end of August, 2018

First Peoples House, UVic Campus

This exhibition of serigraph prints was created in response to the Government of Canada’s celebration of 150 years since Confederation. It is intended to acknowledge a much longer history by presenting Indigenous narratives that move beyond limited settler versions of the history of where we live and where we come from. Through serigraph prints chosen by guest curator, Jackson McDermott (Dene/Cree) from the Fort Nelson First Nation, this exhibition explores centuries-old stories that continue to live in the people, communities, nations and lands of this place.

Image: Kwaht-Yaht is Born, Art Thompson (Tsa Qwa Supp), 1989.