Painting During the Colonial Period in British Columbia, 1845 to 1871

June 6 – July 26, 1979

Maltwood Art Gallery

Paintings, sketches, engravings and lithographs by E.P. Bedwell, H.J. Ware, F. Whymper and J.C. Whyte. The sketches reflect individual aesthetic preferences, while maintaining historical accuracy.

The Colonial Period began with the establishment of the Colony of Vancouver Island in 1849 and the mainland Colony of British Columbia in 1858. The two Colonies were united under a single administration in 1866 and joined the Confederation of Canada as the Province of British Columbia in 1871. The draughtsmen, in the Colonies at this time, were mainly military personnel and professional illustrators. Field sketching classes in military academies furnished the rudimentary training of the military draughtsmen. In addition, the aesthetic considerations of the European school of landscape painting are evident in their work.