Priestesses and Other Portraits

Alison Skelton, Enigma, Aquired 1991, Pat Martin Bates and Clyde (Al) Bates Collection
Alison Skelton, Enigma, Acquired 1991, Pat Martin Bates and Clyde (Al) Bates Collection

March 11 – April 1, 1997

McPherson Library Gallery

This exhibition features a collection of mixed media works on canvas by Alison Skelton. This was her first figure focussed project in a mixed-media, portrait format. Her choices of materials consciously support the themes of cultural, imagistic layering and in fact are a metaphor for this process. The exhibition is rooted in hidden messages, historical and mythical relationship dynamics, social structures, and the spiritual and philosophical forms by which we structure our world.

To see more of her works, visit out online inventory here and search “Alison Skelton”.

About the Artist:

Alison Skelton born in Victoria and studied at the University in Victoria. Her background in painting and printmaking laid the groundwork for this exhibition.