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View from the Golden Mountain

April 30 – May 26, 1997

McPherson Library Gallery

This exhibition features paintings of British Columbia in the Chinese Style by Chow Poon-Kuen. It was curated by the Simon Fraser University Gallery and includes B.C. flora, fauna and landscapes. Poon-Kuen emphasizes the “disposition of empty space.” She uses the empty space to carry the painted space into the realm of the sublime,

Photographs and other exhibit documentation are available through UVic’s archives.

UVic Collects: Recent Acquisitions

April 5 – May 8, 1994 

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

This exhibition displays recent acquisitions to the University of Victoria Art Collections and is also a show of appreciation to all those who have donated to the collection.

The collections of the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery originated in the Victoria College educational art collection started in 1953 by college principal, Dr. W.H. Hickman and the generous international find and decorative arts bequest of John and Katherine Maltwood in 1964. Since that time the holdings have grown to over 10,000 items representing western Canadian art, European and Oriental decorative arts, prints and drawings, and ethnographic arts of the Pacific Rim. The University collections provide an instructional resource for faculty and students at UVic but are also accessible to the general public through our exhibition programs on campus.

Mingel: Japan’s Enduring Folk Arts

January 14 – February 25, 1990

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

This travelling exhibition from the collection of Amaury Saint-Gilles, a noted art and craft critic and lecturer, originated from the Cartwright Gallery in Vancouver. The exhibit is comprised of 115 examples of Japanese folk craft ranging from hand woven textiles to ceramics and papier mache toys.

China’s Darkest Hours: Tell the World

July 11 – July 31, 1989

McPherson Library Gallery

This exhibition features the direct and somewhat controversial art work of Ritha Mason.

Mason expresses, in the form of paintings, collages, and fibre glass sculpture, her horror at the recent events in China. These works depict the tragedy, the discontent and the confusion of present day China. Some pieces attempt a glimpse at a more optimistic future.

About the Artist:

Ritha Mason was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1937. At UVic, Mason studied in the BFA program under Pat Martin-Bates. She also studied art in China and Japan.

Blue and White: Chinese Porcelain, 1650 to 1900

Untitled, Unknown; Crane Scroll
Untitled, Unknown; Crane Scroll

April 26 – May 21, 1985

Maltwood Art  Museum and Gallery

In 1650 a new appreciation for natural beauty arose and Chinese potters expressed this love of nature through cobalt blue designs of flora and fauna.

In the 17th century, a mass industry of exports to the West was established, which was the only source of “china” in Europe for a long time. Chinese porcelain became an enviable domestic possession and had a great influence on Western ceramic art.

The porcelain was drawn from a private collection. The John and Katharine Maltwood collection provided Chinese hanging scrolls and furniture for the exhibition.

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Oriental Scroll Paintings

Unknown, Taoist Immortal With A Crane
Unknown, Taoist Immortal With A Crane

November 7 – December 4, 1983

Maltwood Art Gallery

View the online catalogue:

Oriental Scroll Paintings – Catalogue

This was an exhibit of the complete collection of oriental scroll paintings acquired in the Maltwood bequest.

The scrolls displayed were hanging scrolls of ink on silk in the 16th century style. The images featured garden scenes, gatherings of scholars, portairs, buddhist symbolism and animals.

Diverse Images: Photographs Don Lobb, Colin Moncrief and Siak Tan

December 14, 1982 – January 14, 1983

Maltwood Art Gallery

An exhibition of photographs by Lobb, Moncrief and Tan. Lobb’s focus is on transient images of seashores, rivers and forests on Vancouver Island, while Tan, who also looks into nature for inspiration, focuses on minute details to create individualistic images of abstract quality. Moncrief probes characters and cultures through his photographic series captured while visiting Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan and China.

The Maltwood Far Eastern Collection

Unknown, Untitled; Siamese Buddha Head
Unknown, Untitled; Siamese Buddha Head

June 4 – July 26, 1982

Maltwood Art Gallery

View the online catalogue:

Maltwood Far Eastern Collection – Catalogue

This exhibition featured the Asian art pieces collected by John and Katharine Maltwood. This was the first exhibition strictly of the Asian artworks in the Maltwood collection.

All of the paintings presented were from China. The ceramic pieces displayed were both functional or ceremonial tomb wares, or “ming chi”. The Mahayana and Hinayana traditions of buddhism were also represented and included two Japanese paintings. Chinese silks and textiles were also displayed.