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Historic Baskets of the Pacific Northwest

August 26 – October 5, 1990

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

Indigenous baskets by the Tlingit, Kwakuitl, Haida, Nuu-Cha-Nulth and Salish peoples. The exhibit will include examples of small and large berry baskets, a rattle-top basket, a lidded trinket basket, hats and bottle baskets. (Bottle baskets were made for sale to tourists). It also displays historical photographs of baskets and artists.

Atlantic Visions: Crafts from Canada’s Four Atlantic Provinces

July 4 – August 18, 1985

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

An exhibition that emphasizes textiles, both decorative and utilitarian. Fabric is widely explored, as well as ceramics, wood, metal, leather and basket making. The show celebrates traditional as well as contemporary craftsmanship.