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K’ulut’a and the Professor: The Friendship of Henry Hunt and Peter Smart

Sea Otter Feast Bowl, Henry Hunt, painted red cedar, c. 1970s

Sea Otter Feast Bowl, Henry Hunt, painted red cedar, c. 1970s

October 8 – November 26, 2011

Legacy Small Gallery

Curated by Kevin Neary

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K’ulut’a and the Professor Catalogue

K’ulut’a and the Professor celebrates the art and legacy of famed Kwakiutl artist Henry Hunt (K’ulut’a was his name in Kwak’wala, the native language of the Kwakiutl people). Henry Hunt’s influential style and personality can be detected in thousands of artworks produced by himself and his many students and by their students in turn.

Henry Hunt did not divide life into compartments; he enjoyed the company of people from all walks of life. He formed a particularly strong friendship with Professor Peter Smart, a friendship that ultimately resulted in the donation of a most significant collection of Henry Hunt’s art to the University of Victoria Art Collections (UVAC) in 2003. The entire collection donated by Peter Smart is included in the current exhibit, supplemented by additional examples of Henry Hunt’s art from UVAC and by some of Peter Smart’s own carvings.

Contemporary Canadian Indian Art

May 17 – June 6, 1979

Legacy Maltwood (at Mearns Centre – McPherson Library)

The exhibition Contemporary Canadian Indian Art is a survey of Indian art and craft created in Canada in the last few years. Examples from the contemporary-traditional culture include masks and wood-carvings while modern-western inspired art is represented in paintings and sculptures. The paintings in particular exemplify the merging of the traditional with the contemporary culture to produce a wholly new artistic expression.