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Harmonious Interest: A Celebration of Victoria’s Chinese Heritage

Robert Amos, Untitled (Victoria's Chinatown) [detail]
Robert Amos, Untitled (Victoria’s Chinatown) [detail]

February 1 – May 13, 2013

Legacy Maltwood (at Mearns Centre – McPherson Library)

Curated by Caroline Riedel and Margaret Weller

Harmonious Interest draws on the archival and artistic holdings of the university with a selection of material from the Consolidated Chinese Benevolent Association. This association, founded in 1884, is a key community anchor and advocate for the Chinese in Victoria. Other important social, religious and cultural organizations such as the Chinese Freemasons Association (1876), the Tam Kung Temple of the Yen Wo Society (1911) and the Chinese Public School (1899) are represented in photographic collages by artist Robert Amos.

The important work of Dr. David Lai (Geography, UVic), known for his role in the revitalization of the buildings of China town and the Gates of Harmonious Interest, as well as other scholarly studies on Chinese communities in British Columbia are also referenced. As a whole, this exhibition is intended to show the role of some of these key organizations in community building and advocacy for Chinese people in Canada.

This exhibition was produced as part of the Victoria Symphony’s Chinatown Celebration project.

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Transformation: A Retrospective

Duncan Regehr, Untitled I
Untitled I, Duncan Regehr, 2010

June 13 – August 24, 2012

Legacy Art Gallery Downtown

Curated by Nicholas Tuele

View the online catalogue:

Transformation: A Retrospective Catalogue

For the summer months the Legacy Art Gallery Downtown presents a full retrospective of Duncan Regehr’s “Transformation” body of work. Through a wide-ranging presentation of media the viewer will become acquainted with the artist’s working method: to develop a series of paintings, sculptures, drawings and writings that project and explore a common theme or philosophy. By delving into the collective subconscious and the psyche, Regehr produces images of an intense personal nature, which invites reciprocal identification by the viewer.

Poetry Reading and Curator’s Talk, Saturday July 14 at 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

The Art of Jack Wise

Jack Wise, Mandala

Mandala, Jack Wise


June 8 – August 12, 2012

Legacy Maltwood (at Mearns Centre – McPherson Library)

Curated by Nicholas Tuele

Jack Wise’s work is deeply personal and spiritually profound. Known for his calligraphy, Chinese brushwork, and mandalas, which embody Buddhist cosmology or worldview, Jack Wise was a prolific artist and popular mentor and teacher. This exhibition features a selection of stunning and memorable paintings, prints, drawings and calligraphy by Wise, who spent a considerable part of his artistic career on the west coast. Most of the selected works are part of the permanent collections of the University of Victoria Art Collections and University Archives, given to the University in 2008.

Convergence/Divergence: Landscape and Identity on the West Coast

Head of Canada, Katherine Emma Maltwood, sandstone, 1912

Head of Canada, Katherine Emma Maltwood, sandstone, 1912

August 17 – October 1, 2011

Legacy Art Gallery Downtown

Curated by Caroline Riedel

View the online catalogue:

Convergence/Divergence Catalogue

Click here to read more about this show on the University of Victoria’s website.

This exhibition explores how a selection of artists from diverse cultural backgrounds respond to the West Coast landscape as a means of expressing identity, while also suggesting ways in which an artist’s identity provides a lens for presenting or interpreting landscape.

The works highlight contrasting artistic approaches and ways of relating to local landscapes, illustrating both First Nations and settler’s complex relationships to the places they live. Through a selection of prints, drawings, sculpture, paintings and mixed media works, this exhibit shows some of the many ways in which West Coast artists express identity in terms of a sense of self, place, or community.

The title of this exhibition refers at once to both commonalities in how people relate to, identify with, inhabit or “resonate” with a particular place (convergence) and the different ways artists see, experience, represent and interpret that place (divergence).

Familiar Strangers / Les Etrangers Familiers

Distant cousins_small

May 21 – July 4, 2011

Legacy Maltwood (at Mearns Centre – McPherson Library)

Familiar Strangers / Les Etrangers Familiers is the result of a long process between two artists of different cultures, languages and ages. Agnes Ananichuk is a Ukraine-Canadian and lives in Victoria, BC and Sylvain Tanguay is a Franco-Quebecois and lives in Amos, Quebec. These two artists began their work together while participating in an exchange project between Atelier Mille Feuille of Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec and that of Ground Zero Printmakers of Victoria, BC, the site of the show Strangers II. Since then, they have continued to work in symbiosis using the content of their respective families’ collection of old photographs and other ideas resulting from the evolving relationship.

The work is continuing to evolve from using the old photographs to looking at the interment of Eastern Europeans – the majority of whom were Ukrainians – in camps across Canada during the First World War. One of these camps was located near Amos, Quebec near the home of Tanguay. He is very aware of this aspect of Canadian history and has incorporated some of this history into his work.

This show demonstrates some of the possibilities in the use of modern communication and technology in a creative process and the development of friendship between diverse individuals at a geographic distance. The works included a variety of printmaking techniques including collographs, photogravures and linocuts plus collage based on the combined works/materials from both artists. This exhibit shows how this relationship and collaboration evolved and the increasing warmth and familiarity of the artists. Having never met, they are friends.

The Emergence of Architectural Modernism I (Victoria Modern Series)

Centennial Square Fountain, Rod Clack and Jack Wilkinson (c.1965)

The Emergence of Architectural Modernism in Victoria I: Town and Gown: Centennial Square and the Gordon Head Campus: Seminal Projects (1962-1972)

March 10 – May 2, 2011

Legacy Maltwood (at Mearns Centre – McPherson Library)

Curated by Martin Segger

In the early 1960s two large architectural projects emerged in Victoria which redefined the urban landscape. The development of the Gordon Head Campus in its garden landscape suburban setting repositioned Victoria College as it emerged as the new University of Victoria. On a smaller scale the completion of Centennial Square, with its mix of heritage restoration and stridently modern buildings, provided a new direction for the revitalization of Victoria’s urban core.

This exhibition explores how these two important projects developed, sharing a mix of local young architects, planners and designers. In the process they created a set of iconic buildings and settings which set local architectural and design directions that have profoundly influenced urban design in Victoria to the present day.

No accompanying catalogue

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Victoria Modern 1: Investigating Postwar Architecture and Design on Southern Vancouver Island: an introduction (2005)

Victoria Modern 2: From a Modern Time: The Architectural Photography of Hubert Norbury: Victoria in the 50s and 60s (2009)

Victoria Modern 3: The Emergence of Architectural Modernism II; UVic and the Victoria Regional Aesthetic in the Late 1950s and 1960s (2011)

Click here for the Victoria Modern website

“Now here’s the deal…” WAC Bennett’s Political Cartoons

December 8, 2010 – January 23, 2011

Legacy Small Gallery

In 1993 the Kelowna Museum acquired a number of articles belonging to the late William Andrew Cecil Bennett, Premier of British Columbia from 1975-1986. Among the collection were a number of political cartoons collected by or gifted to Bennett during his time in office and that had been hung in his home’s stairwell.

In the late 2000’s the show of thirty-three framed cartoons and a 45-minute film, The Good Life (1968), commissioned by Bennett’s Social Credit government toured galleries around British Columbia. It accompanied the Architecture and Power: The Legislative Buildings of Canada’s Capitals show here at the Legacy Art Gallery.

Graphic Radicals: The Art of World War 3


August 11, 2010 – October 31, 2010

Legacy Art Gallery Downtown

Curated by Dr. Allan Antliff

Graphic Radicals was a themed presentation of the work of World War 3 Illustrated, a New York artist collective, from the 1980s to the present day. The art confronted issues such as anti-war protests, squatting in New York, the tragedies of 9-11, racism, prisons and anarchism through a variety of mediums including posters, graphic illustrations, paintings, banners and other media.

Visit the Graphic Radicals exhibition blog 

The Lion and the Fox

Wyndham Lewis, The Creditors. Design from the portfolio of Timon of Athens, 1912, published 1913..
Wyndham Lewis, The Creditors. Design from the portfolio of Timon of Athens, 1912, published 1913..

April 1 – May 28, 2009

Legacy Maltwood (at Mearns Centre – McPherson Library)

Curated by Danielle Russell

View the online catalogue:

The Lion and the Fox – Catalogue

The Lion and the Fox exhibition showcases the Lewis side of the C.J. Fox Collection. It is not only representative of the largest and perhaps most significant portion of the whole assemblage, being the foundation upon which the remaining collection was built, it also features the striking visual art of Lewis and others, making it particularly suitable for exhibition purposes.

The University of Victoria Libraries, the Friends of UVic Libraries and the Maltwood Art Museum & Gallery are pleased to present an exhibition of the C. J. Fox Collection of Wyndham Lewis art and literary works. The public showing celebrates former Reuters/Canadian Press journalist and Modernist scholar Cyril Fox’s donation of his extensive English Modernism collection to the University of Victoria. The Lion and the Fox comprises two exhibits; the McPherson Gallery exhibit of art works by Wyndham Lewis and others, and a display of Wyndham Lewis books and materials from the Cyril James Fox fonds, held in the Archives and Special Collections Reading Room (A005).

Taking Flight: The Art of J. Fenwick Lansdowne

James Fenwick Lansdowne, Parasitic Jaeger, Common Tern
James Fenwick Lansdowne, Parasitic Jaeger, Common Tern

December 10, 2008 – May 3, 2009

Legacy Art Gallery Downtown

Curated by Kaitlin Patience

The Legacy Art Gallery and Cafe is pleased to present Taking Flight, an exhibit showcasing the life’s work of one of Canada’s foremost avian artists, J. Fenwick Lansdowne. Born in Hong Kong, Lansdowne spent the majority of his life in British Columbia where he created delicate representations of birds and plant life. These renderings led to his being appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1976, followed by the award of the Order of British Columbia in 1995. Taking Flight features a variety of Lansdowne’s works, including watercolor paintings, drawings, and prints.

Michael’s World

July 2007 – Feb 4, 2008

Legacy Art Gallery Downtown

Curated by Professor Martin Segger

View the online catalogue:

Michael’s World – Catalogue

Michael’s World was the inaugural exhibition at the Legacy Art Gallery and Cafe. It showcases a number of works by studio artists, many of whom received support from Michael C. Williams in the early days of Old Town Victoria’s artistic revival. From the 1970s to the 1990s, more than 100 artists and craftspeople were situated in downtown studio space and constituted the core of this revival.

The gallery program will be based around Williams’ collection of over 1,000 paintings, drawings and sculptures by some of the most renowned artists of the Pacific Northwest. Williams passed away in November 2000, leaving his estate to UVIc. His generosity made the Legacy Art Gallery possible.