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An Environmental Concern for the Earth’s Destruction

Horst Loewel Gallery 037

 October 3 РOctober 30, 2008

Legacy Maltwood (at Mearns Centre РMcPherson Library)

In Horst Loewel’s exhibit, the artist demonstrates, through painting, the way humankind is contributing to the destruciton of Earth. All his paintings are expressive, meaningful and represent the seriousness of some of the world’s largest environmental concerns. With this exhibition he intended to demonstrate what may soon become reality. He also points out what big companies do to our planet including mass forest deconstruction and the mass production of oil.

Loewel’s paintings do depict the beauty of nature. His uses bold colors and powerful imagery in surreal, dreamlike landscapes. There are few human figures in his work, implicating a purity of nature and its supremacy over mankind.

Some of Loewel’s paintings depict his point of view of what will happen if we do not start taking better care, and others depict his interpretation of how these problems began. He hopes to inspire the next generation to preserve the Earth by representing the seriousness of the issue. He wants the younger generation to further understand what it means to live on this beautiful planet and that everyone can make a difference. He hopes this exhibition may encourage other people to look at how they can contribute to preserving our planet.