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Beauty for All: The Arts & Crafts Movement in Europe and North America


posterOctober 3 – January 9, 2016

Legacy Art Gallery Downtown 630 Yates Street

Curated by Holly Cecil

To view the exhibition catalogue, click here.

An exhibition and film project at UVic’s Legacy Art Gallery features work by some of the best-known designers of the time: William Morris, C.R. Ashbee, the Roycroft Workshops, Tiffany Studios, Frank Lloyd Wright, Edward Burne-Jones, and Liberty and Co., all from the nationally recognized permanent collection at the University of Victoria.The exhibition demonstrates founder William Morris’s belief in a return to simplicity, and that beautiful, well- made objects in the home could promote a better life for both the user and the maker:”If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.“- William Morris, 1880.

To check out the Arts and Crafts Movement Film Project, click here

poster Rack Card

Windows Into Heaven: Religious Icons from the Permanent Collection

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Icon of the Virgin Hodegetria, 18th century, Gift of Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Dorothy Brown

April 23 – July 19, 2014

Legacy Small Gallery

View the online catalogue:

Windows Into Heaven Catalogue

Co-curated by graduate student Regan Shrumm and Dr. Evanthia Baboula, (History in Art)

Featuring Russian icons and crucifixes from the University of Victoria’s permanent collection, this exhibition examines religious, historical, and cultural meanings past and present.

The objects featured in this exhibition originate in pre-revolutionary Russia and include icons of varied forms as well as crosses – important liturgical instruments and quintessential Christian symbols.

Shakespeare’s “Big Books”

Detail of a portrait of William Shakespeare

Detail of a portrait of William Shakespeare

September 21 – October 23, 2013

Legacy Small Gallery

Curated by Dr. Janelle Jensted and Dr. Erin E. Kelly

Click here to read more about the University of Victoria’s celebration of the Bard.

The Shakespeare First Folio (First Collected edition of his plays) is one of the Western world’s best-known and most iconic books. Discover why these folios have held people’s fascination through the centuries and enjoy and opportunity to see all four 17th century folios together for the first time in BC.

This exhibition was part of the Shakespeare Onstage-Offstage community celebration of the Bard. View the Shakespeare Onstage—Offstage brochure here and learn more about the events here.

Dinner with Jane Austen: Silver from the Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Dorothy Brown Collection


April 3 – May 3, 2006

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

Curated by Patricia C. Kidd

The exhibit has been designed to highlight the extraordinarily fine collection of Georgian silver given to the University of Victoria by Dr. Bruce and Mrs. Dorothy Brown, and focuses on silver which might well have appeared on the dinner tables of many of Jane Austen’s heroines. Visitors will find a formal table laid for the first course of an early eighteenth century meal, together with a host of adjunct displays which fill in the dining details, from taking tea to spooning gruel.

China and Beyond: The Legacy of a Culture

September 3 – December 24, 2002

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

Curated by Kathlyn Liscomb, Professor in the Department of History in Art

Exhibition of the impact of Chinese culture on other parts of the world, featuring art objects from the Vancouver Museum, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, and private collections in British Columbia. The range of materials is diverse and this exhibit will include sculpture, ceramics, paintings, wood-block printed books and other objects made in China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Egypt, and Europe.

This exhibit was funded by the Community-University Research Alliance and also shown at the Vancouver Museum.

The Gesher Project: An Intergenerational Holocaust Project Creating Bridges of Hope

November 4, 2000 – January 12, 2001

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

Holocaust survivors, child survivors and members of the second generation embarked upon a unique six-month journey of individual and collaborative creative expression culminating in a highly educational and evocative exhibit.

The project was developed and run by four facilitators: a visual artist, a psychologist, a writer and a scrub/coordinator. Each was dedicated to guiding the participants towards bridging the gap between generations, thus deepening the possibility of healing. The result of this experience is an exhibit of 17 mixed-media paintings created with images and photographs, illustrating the personal story of each participant and his/her family members, as well as letters and poetry.

Gesher is the Hebrew word for bridge, which symbolizes what the group set out to do: bridge generations by using creative approaches as a means of healing Holocaust trauma.

Les Cités d’Artistes à Paris

November 5 – November 29, 1999

Legacy Maltwood (at Mearns Centre – McPherson Library)

This was an exploration of Parisian art studios in photography by Geneviève Hofman.

The “artist in his studio” was a theme frequently chosen by 19th century painters. In the 20th century, photographers once again take up this theme.

My intention is different. I did not knock on the doors of studios, nor did I wish to take photos of artists. What interested me was not the studios, but the artists’ colonies (Cités d’artistes)… I scoured Paris to locate, compile, observe, and photograph the various settlements of artists in the city, the estates and developments inhabited by artists past and present.

-Geneviève Hofman

Similar Exhibitions

Richard Roskell Bayne

Richard Roskell Bayne, Untitled

Richard Roskell Bayne, Untitled

Online Catalogue

The online catalogue for the Bayne Collection is available here. It features an image gallery of his sketching tour, a biography of Bayne, and background architecture information.

More About the Exhibition

The Bayne Collection includes more than 730 sketches, drawings, and other items acquired by the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery and the MacPherson Library’s Special Collections.

Most of these works were done during a sketching tour made by R. R. Bayne in Europe from August 1864 to September 1865. There are also a number of drawings and sketches made by Bayne during his stay in India dated from the 1870’s to the 1880’s. A large presentation drawing of a building designed by Bayne in Calcutta was donated to the collection by the Alberni Valley Historical Society as a result of its identification during student research into the collection.

UVic Collects: Recent Acquisitions

April 5 – May 8, 1994 

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

This exhibition displays recent acquisitions to the University of Victoria Art Collections and is also a show of appreciation to all those who have donated to the collection.

The collections of the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery originated in the Victoria College educational art collection started in 1953 by college principal, Dr. W.H. Hickman and the generous international find and decorative arts bequest of John and Katherine Maltwood in 1964. Since that time the holdings have grown to over 10,000 items representing western Canadian art, European and Oriental decorative arts, prints and drawings, and ethnographic arts of the Pacific Rim. The University collections provide an instructional resource for faculty and students at UVic but are also accessible to the general public through our exhibition programs on campus.

Zeit/Worte (Words of Their Time)

February 22 – March 4, 1994

McPherson Library Gallery

This exhibition features catchwords from the German past produced by the Goethe Institute (a branch of the German Forces Office, comparable to the British Council).

The exhibition highlighted 11 different phrases, with short and long explanations. Phrases included Die68er – The Generation of ’68; Die Ostpolitik – Eastern Policy; and Eurovision.

Travels: The John and Katherine Maltwood Collection

June 27 – July 18, 1993

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

In 1964 the University of Victoria received the John and Katherine Maltwood bequest: a fine and decorative arts collection of over 100 items. This varied collection consisting of paintings, sculpture, artifacts, books and personal archives is often described as “documenting the tastes and travels” of the Maltwoods.

That the Maltwoods travelled extensively in the period 1900-1940 is well know. However, the details as to where and when is a matter largely, of conjecture.

This exhibit attempts to reconstruct their itineraries. Intellectually, this is based on evidence drawn from the extensive Maltwood library of antiquarian travel guides. Some evidence of the geography of their journeys can be gleaned from the small collection of site souvenirs. Their general interest in the ancient monuments and cultures of Mediterranean Europe, the Levant and the Far East can be illustrate by a sampling of the Maltwood Collection itself.

Together, the evidence of these itinerant interests draws together the themes of Katherine’s own work as an artist, also her fascination with world cosmology and research into the Glastonbury legends.