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Travels: The John and Katherine Maltwood Collection

June 27 – July 18, 1993

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

In 1964 the University of Victoria received the John and Katherine Maltwood bequest: a fine and decorative arts collection of over 100 items. This varied collection consisting of paintings, sculpture, artifacts, books and personal archives is often described as “documenting the tastes and travels” of the Maltwoods.

That the Maltwoods travelled extensively in the period 1900-1940 is well know. However, the details as to where and when is a matter largely, of conjecture.

This exhibit attempts to reconstruct their itineraries. Intellectually, this is based on evidence drawn from the extensive Maltwood library of antiquarian travel guides. Some evidence of the geography of their journeys can be gleaned from the small collection of site souvenirs. Their general interest in the ancient monuments and cultures of Mediterranean Europe, the Levant and the Far East can be illustrate by a sampling of the Maltwood Collection itself.

Together, the evidence of these itinerant interests draws together the themes of Katherine’s own work as an artist, also her fascination with world cosmology and research into the Glastonbury legends.

Holy Places, Holy Faces and Ritual Images, Sacred Object

July 15 – August 19, 1990

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

An exhibition of photographs by David Stewart, who spent 30 years photographing religious communities in Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, India, Japan and Nepal.

Complimenting the photographs is an exhibition of sacred paintings and objects from the permanent Maltwood Museum Collection which illustrate religious expression in the Far and Near East.

The 50 photographs, both black and white and colour prints, will comprise a broad retrospective of my photography dealing with religious expression (in these countries). The images will reflect the human similarities and cultural diversities of religious expression.

-David Stewart, 1990

The Maltwood Far Eastern Collection

Unknown, Untitled; Siamese Buddha Head
Unknown, Untitled; Siamese Buddha Head

June 4 – July 26, 1982

Maltwood Art Gallery

View the online catalogue:

Maltwood Far Eastern Collection – Catalogue

This exhibition featured the Asian art pieces collected by John and Katharine Maltwood. This was the first exhibition strictly of the Asian artworks in the Maltwood collection.

All of the paintings presented were from China. The ceramic pieces displayed were both functional or ceremonial tomb wares, or “ming chi”. The Mahayana and Hinayana traditions of buddhism were also represented and included two Japanese paintings. Chinese silks and textiles were also displayed.