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Portrait Miniatures from the Collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

February 26 – April 2, 1989

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

A collection of portrait miniatures from the 18th and 19th centuries. Portrait miniatures are usually executed in gouche and watercolour on wafer-thin pieces of ivory mounted in gold or silver frames. These tiny works, which are sometimes set into tortoise shell bonbonnières or snuffboxes, are rarely put on display because of their extreme fragility.

Primarily of French and English origin, the group includes likenesses of members of the ruling classes, such as Napolean and Josephine, and various literary figures, among them Madame de Staël and Voltaire.


October 16 – October 31, 1978

Maltwood Art Gallery

This exhibition featured black and white photographs of Paris by John Harvey. Harvey was introduced to photography by his father and was hooked instantly.

What makes Paris a photographer’s city? Paris is beautiful, of course-and exciting-and romantic; but there are other less obvious factors. Parisians, although frequently said to be rude, are tolerant-and photographers require much tolerance.

-John Harvey, 1978