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Regarding Wealth


The Apple Tree Gang, Michael Lewis, 1992, acrylic on canvas

February 24  – June 10, 2010

Legacy Art Gallery Downtown

Curated by Dr. Carolyn Butler-Palmer

This was an exhibition concerning the intersections between art and homelessness. This exhibition was part of an ongoing series of projects and class seminars featuring artwork from the University of Victoria’s Michael Williams Collection led by Dr. Carolyn Butler-Palmer who occupies the Williams Legacy Chair.

Visit the HA 495/595 Regarding Wealth  website

Contributors: Dr. Carolyn Butler-Palmer, Williams Legacy Chair in Modern and Contemporary Arts of the Pacific Northwest

History in Art Students who enriched this project: Eric Anderson, Magdalyn Asimaskis, Julia R.M. Baker Veronica Best, Jennifer Cador, Won Chang, Sara Chekley, Gareth Clayton, Miranda Clement, Jaime Lynn Clifton, Emma Conner, Odessa Corletto, Heather Crowley, Melba Dalsin, Heather Dixon, Kim Drabyk, Susan Hawkins, Laura Hayward, Julia Hulbert, Elaina Keppler, Emma Knight, Stephanie Korn, Toby Lawrence, Sarah Lee, Katie Lemmon, Elyse Longair, Marnie Mandell, Mathew McKay, Kaitlyn Patience, Kathleen Prince, Andrea Porritt, Cassidy Richardson, Jysicca Richardson, Connie Quaedvlieg, Mike Quan, Aleta Salmon, Nancy Schnarr, Katy Scoones, Julia Simpson, Thomas Sluchinski, Leah Taylor, Filiz Tutuncu, Holly Unsworth, Christine Woychesko and India Young.

Research Assistants: Mebla Dalsin, Kaitlyn Patience, and Tusa Shea

Special Thanks to: Sarah J. Blackstone, Dean of Fine Arts, Catherine Harding, Department Chair, History in Art, Kate Hutchins, Legacy Art Gallery & Café, Martin Segger, Maltwood Gallery Director, Caroline Riedel, Maltwood Curator of Collections, Christine Woychesko, Manager, Legacy Gallery & Café, and Caitlin Cuthbert , Jenina Ceglarz, CEO Swans Hotel, Cindy Vance Maltwood Exhibition Team: Emma Conner, Caitlin Cuthbert, Kate Dahlgren, Mark Hovey, Karen Merrifield, Cam Northover, Nick Poppell, Heather Stone, Leah Taylor