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Treetop Sketches by Katharine Maltwood

Untitled, Katherine Maltwood, 1939

Untitled, Katherine Maltwood, 1939

June 26 – July 29, 1988

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

For the last twenty years of her life, after having left England to retire in Victoria, BC, Katherine Maltwood increasingly turned to landscape sketching. Frequent visits to her country retreat “Treetops”, situated on a high promontory in Cordova Bay, yielded this Treetop series. These works, a part of the Maltwood Collection which the artist bequeathed to the University of Victoria, bear witness to Maltwood’s mature talent and record the pristine grandeur of the Pacific Northwest as she enjoyed it in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

Contemporary Dutch Jewelery and Graphics from Mondriaan’s Country

October 20 – November 15, 1981

Maltwood Art Gallery

A joint exhibition of drawings and sketches by contemporary Dutch artists and jewelery designed within a similar aesthetic. The exhibit consists of 56 bracelets, 17 rings, and 2 necklaces made of silver, aluminum and copper. The collection is termed geometrically abstract as the artists use simple geometric figures including lines, triangles and circles that have no direct link with visible reality.