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The Legacy of Blue

November 19, 2001 – January 25, 2002

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

This multi-media exhibit, presented in conjunction with the Canadian Society for Asian Arts, will feature pieces from a variety of cultures and time periods. Selected items from the Maltwood collection will augment the CSAA’s travelling exhibition, coming together to celebrate the historical and cultural significance of the colour that changed the world. The exhibit will include everything from ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary textiles and fashion design, and will highlight materials including cobalt, turquoise, lapis lazuli and indigo.

Brahma Titra Sari: Silks from the Sandover

November 6 – November 9, 2000

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

A collaborative batik project involving artists from Indonesia and Australia from the Studio Brahma Tirta Sari in Yogyakarta, Java and the Utopia Community in Central Australia occurred in Alice Springs in March 1999. The objective of this project was that the artists batik collaboratively on large pieces of cloth to be exhibited.

Arts from the Arctic

September 11 – October 30, 1994

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

Curated by Abraham Anghik Ruben, Canada’s international committee representative.

Arts of the Arctic features contemporary aboriginal art and craft works from Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Lapland, and Russia. The exhibition and its international planning committee were seed funded by UNESCO in recognition of the World Decade for Cultural Development. The purpose of the exhibit program is to present arts of the Arctic people to all of its regions and to other people in the world. There are currently several versions of the exhibition travelling throughout the participating Polar countries.

Arts of the Arctic presents to the public the fascinating diversity of traditional and contemporary arts as they are now practiced. the Ravenstail weavings of Yukon’s Ann Smith vie with colourful prints from baffin Island and decorated knives of the Lapland Sami. The monumental modern bronze forms of Abraham Ruben can be compared to traditional soap stone carvings from Alaska and the small ivory figures from Siberia.