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Shakespeare’s “Big Books”

Detail of a portrait of William Shakespeare

Detail of a portrait of William Shakespeare

September 21 – October 23, 2013

Legacy Small Gallery

Curated by Dr. Janelle Jensted and Dr. Erin E. Kelly

Click here to read more about the University of Victoria’s celebration of the Bard.

The Shakespeare First Folio (First Collected edition of his plays) is one of the Western world’s best-known and most iconic books. Discover why these folios have held people’s fascination through the centuries and enjoy and opportunity to see all four 17th century folios together for the first time in BC.

This exhibition was part of the Shakespeare Onstage-Offstage community celebration of the Bard. View the Shakespeare Onstage—Offstage brochure here and learn more about the events here.

The Chapman Group

March 30 – April 29, 1999

McPherson Library Gallery

A gathering of young artists who gather weekly to work on creative endeavors. Their show consists of the work of seven of the group’s members and includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, poems and a stage set design.

About the Chapman Group: The Chapman Group was started by J. Gordaneer and R.C. Lorens in order to develop a system of critical analysis that would allow for articulated and consistent criteria on the subject of art. With this criteria, the artist could develop an individual style that would be founded on stable methodological considerations.

Adolphe Appia 1862 to 1928

June 19 – July 13, 1986

Maltwood Art Gallery

Adolphe Appia’s revolutionary conception of stage was demonstrated through photographs of opera performances, facsimiles of drawings for stage design, and informative text. Appia was a pioneer in stage design that studied music in Geneva, Paris, Leipzig and Dresden, and then apprenticed in theatre design in Dresden and Vienna.

Appia saw light as the element of foremost importance on a stage set. With his innovative approach, he rejected the traditional practice of using false backgrounds and purely decorative set components to establish ambiance. His designs were fluid and suggestive and left the stage open behind the actors. He designed sets for Italian, Swiss and German theatres, notably the Wagnerian productions at Beyreuth.

This exhibition was sponsored by Pro Helvetia, Zurich, Switzerland.

Toy Theatre: Penny Plain

Edward Gorey, Dracula
Edward Gorey, Dracula

November 17 – December 4, 1978

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

This exhibition featured printed sheets of dramatic characters, scenery, wings and proscenia from the early 19th century. They were drawings on card that made up every piece and character of a miniature theatre show and were quite popular in the early 1800s.