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Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition: Okanagan University/College

September 24 – November 5, 1995

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

A travelling exhibition of works by faculty members of the Fine Arts Department of the Okanagan University/College. The works celebrate the strengths, individualism and diversity of the faculty members.

Artists represented are: Robert Belton, Briar Craig, Johann Feught, Murray Johnson, Byron Johnston, Jim Kalnin, Barbara Leidl, Maureen Lisle, Ruth MacLaurin, Mary Smith McCulloch, Gary Pearson, Frank Poll, Bryan Ryley, Richard Suarez, Jim Tanner, and Michael Young,

Prints: from the University of Quebec at Montreal

October 10 – November 3, 1985

Maltwood Art Gallery

The result of an exchange programme between the Visual Arts Departments of the University of Victoria and the University of Quebec at Montreal. The exhibition demonstrates the dynamically creative spirit of art students in the Province of Quebec. Many techniques are represented in this exhibit including lithography, etching, serigraph, collage, and intanglio.