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The Emergence of Architectural Modernism I (Victoria Modern Series)

Centennial Square Fountain, Rod Clack and Jack Wilkinson (c.1965)

The Emergence of Architectural Modernism in Victoria I: Town and Gown: Centennial Square and the Gordon Head Campus: Seminal Projects (1962-1972)

March 10 – May 2, 2011

Legacy Maltwood (at Mearns Centre – McPherson Library)

Curated by Martin Segger

In the early 1960s two large architectural projects emerged in Victoria which redefined the urban landscape. The development of the Gordon Head Campus in its garden landscape suburban setting repositioned Victoria College as it emerged as the new University of Victoria. On a smaller scale the completion of Centennial Square, with its mix of heritage restoration and stridently modern buildings, provided a new direction for the revitalization of Victoria’s urban core.

This exhibition explores how these two important projects developed, sharing a mix of local young architects, planners and designers. In the process they created a set of iconic buildings and settings which set local architectural and design directions that have profoundly influenced urban design in Victoria to the present day.

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Sveva Caetani: Selected Drawings and Paintings of Recpitulation

November 14, 2003  January 15, 2004

Legacy Maltwood (at Mearns Centre РMcPherson Library)

A series of surrealistic watercolour paintings which began as a tribute to Sveva Caetani’s father who passed away when she was only 17. For 25 years following her father’s passing, Caetani lived in virtual isolation, caring for her invalid mother. At her mother’s passing, Caetani obtained her teaching certificate at UVic and began her career as an inspiring art teacher.

This project was funded by the Community-University Research Alliance.

William Wordsworth and the Age of English Romanticism

October 24 – November 14, 1988

University Centre

William Wordsworth and the Age of English Romanticism is taking place on the mezzanine of the University Centre, above the University Centre Gallery. While the actual collection of rare manuscripts and paintings will not be on display, it will be adequately represented by twenty-four large, full-colour poster panels. Early editions of relevant literary works from the period shall complement the posters.

The exhibition used Wordsworth as a focal point from which to expand upon the general themes of the English Romantic period, themes such as: Childhood; Revolution; the Discovery of Nature; Unity Entire; and Memory, Imagination and the Sublime. Clearly written commentaries accompany reproductions of paintings, watercolours, portraits, manuscripts and rare books of the artists and poets of the age. Among those included are John Constable, J.M.M. Turner, William Blake, Dorothy Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe and Mary Shelly, and John Keats.