The Arts and Crafts Movement in Victoria, B.C.

Rookwood Ceramic Bowl, Rookwood Pottery, c. 1890

Rookwood Ceramic Bowl, Rookwood Pottery, c. 1890

Online Catalogue

The online catalogue for the Arts and Crafts Movement is available here. It features information about Rookwood pottery, Tiffany Glass Company and the Roycroft Institute, as well as an architectural tour of Victoria.

More About the Exhibition

In England and then America in the late 19th century, a middle class revolution occurred against Victorian values, industrialization and the mass production of low-quality products. Originally a British movement whose roots can be traced back to the early 1800’s, the social and moral preachings of people such as John Ruskin and William Morris in the late 1800’s influenced the burgeoning what would be known as the Arts and Crafts Movement.