The Gesher Project: An Intergenerational Holocaust Project Creating Bridges of Hope

November 4, 2000 – January 12, 2001

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

Holocaust survivors, child survivors and members of the second generation embarked upon a unique six-month journey of individual and collaborative creative expression culminating in a highly educational and evocative exhibit.

The project was developed and run by four facilitators: a visual artist, a psychologist, a writer and a scrub/coordinator. Each was dedicated to guiding the participants towards bridging the gap between generations, thus deepening the possibility of healing. The result of this experience is an exhibit of 17 mixed-media paintings created with images and photographs, illustrating the personal story of each participant and his/her family members, as well as letters and poetry.

Gesher is the Hebrew word for bridge, which symbolizes what the group set out to do: bridge generations by using creative approaches as a means of healing Holocaust trauma.