Unity of Movement: An Exhibition of Three Modern Artists

Katherine Maltwood, Untitled
Katherine Maltwood, Untitled

April 15 – June 11, 1999

Maltwood Art Museum

The Unity of Movement online catalogue is available here. It features information about Carr, Pavelic, and Maltwood, images of their works, and a curator’s statement.

To learn more about Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic, visit an online catalogue of her work here.

Unity of Movement displays a selection of landscape works of Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island by West Coast artists Emily Carr, Katharine Maltwood and Myfanwy Spencer Pavelic. These images from the collection of the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery illustrate a number of major stylistic developments from the 1930s to the present.

The works collectively illustrate modern ideas of how form, shape, line and colour can be used to create works that convey personally expressive or spiritually transcendental qualities. Some of the major art movements such as Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Symbolism, and Abstract Expressionism are evident in the works of these artists. Each artist expanded her artistic knowledge with inspiration from the landscape of the Canadian West Coast. Together, the works of these three modern women artists, demonstrate informed methods of artistic expressions which have contributed to the history of modern West Coast art.