Victoria Drawing Academy

Glenn Howarth's Studio Door, 18 1/2 Fan Tan Alley, Victoria.

Glenn Howarth’s Studio Door, 18 1/2 Fan Tan Alley, Victoria, 2016.

The Victoria Drawing Academy attracted a small but dedicated population of students. Though a rather private individual, Howarth welcomed students into his home and created an inviting and open atmosphere. Frequently, a model would be situated under the large skylight and encircled by furiously sketching students. The floor of the studio was constantly covered with the remains of soft rubber erasers, used avidly by Howarth to achieve tonal variation. As a teacher, he focused on the technical aspects of draftsmanship in order to foster skills in his students that could be applied long after his lessons. Former students fondly remember twenty-four hour drawing marathons, and Howarth’s passion and constant encouragement. He became a mentor and friend to a few of the younger artists. The artist Noah Becker recalls receiving his informal “graduate degree” in Howarth’s studio.