Arts and Crafts Movement Film Project

The Arts and Crafts Movement in the University of Victoria Art Collection:
by Holly Cecil, Undergraduate, Art History and Visual Studies Dept. major (Honours).

This series of documentary shorts analyzes key workshops and designers in the Arts & Crafts Movement through representative objects in the University of Victoria Legacy Art Galleries collection. The objects featured in the videos also demonstrate the wide range of materials and processes that Arts & Crafts artisans perfected, from ceramics to furniture; and stained glass to metalwork, including silver, silver-plate, copper, brass and pewter. The films were produced in 2015, supported by a JCURA research grant.

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Object featured in The Guild of Handicraft: 

 R. Ashbee (1863–1942) for the Guild of Handicraft, England I Muffin Dish, c. 1902-1908


Object featured in Ruskin Pottery:

 Ruskin Pottery, England I Brooch, c. 1905

Object featured in Archibald Knox and Liberty & Co.:

Liberty & Co., England Tudric Compote, c. 1905


Objects featured in Copper Workshops in the Arts & Crafts Movement:

Unknown Artist, England Firescreen, c. 1910

Unknown Artist, England Coal Scuttle, c. 1900


Object featured in Tiffany Studios:

Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) for Tiffany Studios, United States I Original Tiffany Lamp 

c. 1902 -1932


Objects featured in Roycroft Workshops:

Roycroft Workshops, United States I Copper Tray, c. 1910 

Roycroft Workshops, United States Copper Candlesticks, c. 1905

Roycroft Workshops, United States I Copper Vase, c. 1905-1910


Object featured in American Craftsman Workshops

Gustav Stickley (1858 – 1942) for Craftsman Workshops, United States Chair, c. 1900


Object featured in Rookwood Pottery

Unknown Artist, United States I Vase, c. 1919 

Unknown Artist, United States I Vase, c. 1914