Curator Magna Mater: Caroline Riedel; with contributions from Emerald Johnstone-Bedell, Josie Greenhill, Bradley Clements, Ava Hansen



Exhibitions are always major undertakings and we wish to thank the following people for their help in bringing these two shows together: David Broome, Michael Huston, Studios for Integrated Media, UVic Fine Arts Department for help with the website, photographs and technical assistance for the digital component of the exhibition, as well as Katie Hughes for designing the website and catalogue. Thank you also to Special Collections and Archives staff members Nadica Lora, John Frederick and Associate Director Heather Dean for loaning material from the University’s holdings. We also thank Heather Dean for agreeing to undertake the digitization of the Maltwood fonds and the assistance of Lisa Goddard, Library Collections Management. Robbyn Gordon Lanning’s directed fieldwork project “Seeking the Tree of Life” and digital collections site is an invaluable resource as well as the impetus for digitizing the Maltwood fonds. Thank you also to Martin Segger for his expertise in all things Maltwood. Gratitude aditionally goes to our fellow Legacy staffers Roger Huffman (collections and exhibit design), Katie Hughes (graphic design) and Emerald Johnstone Bedell (artifact prep and exhibit graphic design), for your patience and resourcefulness with all of the intricacies of this exhibition. And finally, thank you to our supervisors Dr. Erin Campbell (Art History and Visual Studies) and Mary Jo Hughes (Director, Legacy Art Galleries) for your support and enthusiasm for this project.





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