You are Sacred 2S Tunic

Photo by Kyra Kordoski

You are Sacred 2S Tunic
Margaret August (Coast Salish; Sh sh lh)
Nicole Mandryk (Anishinaabe, Ukrainian, Irish)
Deerskin leather, acrylic paints, mixed Charlotte cut
and seed beads, rabbit fur, gold fixings
On loan from the artists

The process of collaborating, especially with someone(s) you love is to honour the gifts that flow between those people. In being asked to create a piece for On Beaded Ground, Margaret August and Nicole Mandryk discussed ideas that honoured 2spirit and Indigiqueer people. Both artists, who are 2spirit themselves, recognize that one of many impacts of colonization on gender and sexuality has been the loss of governance over their own bodies and spirts. Thus, they are in a continual process of undoing and renewing the spaces they move through in everyday life.
Seeking to restore respect for 2spirit people, a tunic was created that features both Margaret’s culture (Coast Salish) and Nicole’s culture (Anishinaabe). The thought is that when a 2spirit person looks at or wears this regalia they are reminded of the sacredness they carry within themselves as well as the importance they have within their communities and cultures.