Out of the Frame: Salish Printmaking (June 4 – October 4, 2016, at the University of Victoria’s Legacy Art Gallery Downtown) is an exhibition of prints by contemporary Salish artists.

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The title Out of the Frame refers to stepping outside of three “frames” …

1. To display prints outside the typical curatorial “framework”

The exhibition was curated through collaboration between the curator, Andrea Walsh, and the artists. The artists chose the works for display, and presented the works through their own words.

2. To remove prints from commercial, critical, and collector “frames”

Instead of talking about prints as financial objects, the exhibition highlighted how prints are used for cultural and political purposes. These issues include land rights, Human Rights, and climate change.

3. To bring printing practice outside of its “frame”

Several artists collaborated with Andy MacDougall and Wachiay Studio to create a new piece of art, which comments on the practice of printmaking. Without the framework of the art market to guide the design and content of the work, the artists were asked to imagine innovative ways that the practice and technology of printing could push their practice in new directions. The finished piece truly brings Salish printing to a new height of artistic excellence and pushes the boundaries of printmaking. Watch a video about the collaboration below, and learn more about the collaborative process here. See the finished work here.


Dr. Andrea N. Walsh, Guest Curator, thanks:

The artists for sharing their time, knowledge, and beautiful artwork: Charles Elliott, Douglas LaFortune, Angela Marston, Andy Everson, Maynard Johnny Jr., lessLIE, Chris Paul, and Dylan Thomas.

India Rael Young, Northwest Coast Printmaking Scholar, for contributing her time and knowledge.

Master Printer Andy MacDougall, Erin Brillon, and the whole team at Wachiay Studio for their tireless enthusiasm and wonderful work.

The First Peoples’ Cultural Council’s Aboriginal Arts Development Awards program for their support in creating new work.

The University of Victoria Faculty of Social Sciences for their support through the Dean’s Conference Fund.

The Salish Weave Fund of George and Christiane Smyth, for their continual support. Justine Drummond, Exhibition Assistant, for her tireless efforts.

The Legacy team for all of your hard work and support: Mary Jo Hughes (Director), Caroline Riedel (Curator of Collections), Gillian Booth (Academic and Community Programming), Roger Huffman (Art Collection Technician), Katie Hughes (Curatorial and Gallery Services), and all of the curatorial assistants (including, but not limited to: Emerald Johnstone-Bledell, Jackson McDermott, Amy Smith, and Holly Cecil).

Lorilee Wastasecoot, Political Science and Indigenous Studies student, UVic, for volunteering her time.

David Broome, Studio for Integrated Media, Faculty of Fine Arts, for help with the website and the digital components of the exhibition.