Andy Everson


Acrylic on plastic, mixed media
On loan from the artist


K’omoks Say No Enbridge
Offset lithograph on paper
On loan from the artist

I don’t really have a strong activist mindset, but I know when something is really really wrong. I see hereditary chiefs on the news standing together against this pipeline. I respect them and honour them by doing my little part to support our traditional leaders. I just want to let them know that the Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakw here in the south stand together with them shoulder to shoulder. That river that flows through their village connects with the inlet in front of the next and that inlet’s waters run right along the coast to our territory, as well. We’re in this together!

Also: In case the message isn’t clear: Say “No” to the Enbridge pipeline that purports to travel through unceded First Nations territory! Black represents the oil, red represents the blood of our people….

Andy Everson


Serigraph on Mylar and silk
On loan from the artist

Motivated by the prospect of several awful omnibus bills being pushed through Canadian parliament, the Idle No More movement was created as a way to demonstrate that Indigenous peoples would no longer stand idly by. Beginning in December of 2012, the movement spread like wildfire. Flash mobs were held in malls and solidarity rallies were organized outside MP’s offices across the country. Soon, demonstrations were held in the United States, Europe and beyond. While begun and maintained primarily by Indigenous peoples, settler supporters offered a significant amount of support to the movement in many regions.

In anticipation of my first rally, I created a Northwest Coast formline image for Idle No More that spread throughout the movement. It featured the iconic fist and feather with its dual meaning of strength and spirituality. In this rendition of that logo, I’ve now drawn it in Salish style. In the centre is an eagle, carrying our dreams of Indigeneity skyward…

Andy Everson