Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas

Credit: Justine Drummond

(b. 1986, Lyackson)

Dylan Thomas is part of the Lyackson First Nation, who originate from Valdes Island, British Columbia, Canada. Based in Victoria, he works in the media of printmaking, painting, and gold and silver jewellery. Thomas was exposed to Coast Salish arts at a young age and grew up in a family that actively participates in their culture and traditions. Thomas was given the traditional name Qwul`thilum and credits this important ceremony with sparking his interest in his culture.

Thomas studied jewelery with Seletze (Delmar Johnnie) and has apprenticed under Rande Cook, who was a major influence in his artistic development. He was further inspired by the artwork of Susan Point, Art Thompson, and Robert Davidson. His distinctive style is not only rooted in the mentorship of Northwest Coast artists of this region but also by the formal design elements found in Buddhist mandalas and the artistic tessellations of M.C. Escher. Thomas’s work has been featured in several exhibitions at Alcheringa Gallery, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and the University of Victoria Legacy Art Galleries.

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