1902: Born in Seattle, Washington
1925-31: Studied under Worth Ryders, Ray Boynton
1926: Graduated with Bachelor of Arts, University of California, Berkeley
1928: Became Fine Arts faculty member, University of California, Berkeley
1931: Graduated with Master of Arts;
Won the Bertha Beneke Tauseg Memorial Award – funded study in Europe
Year spent in art museums of Stockholm, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Milano, Florence, Orvetto, Assisi, Rome, Naples, Pompeii.
Studied under direction of Andre L’hote, Paris and Vaclav Vytlacil, Paris and Positano, Italy
1933: Solo show at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
1934: Solo shows at the Biblioteca Nacionale, Mexico City;
Paul Elder Gallery, San Francisco;
& Henry Gallery, Seattle
1935: First prize at exhibition of the society of San Francisco Women Artists
1937: Married Canadian writer Howard O’Hagan
1939: Exhibited at San Francisco World Fair Treasure Island
1943: Purchase prize at Exhibition of Society of San Francisco Artists ($300 –
Mother and Child)
1945: Solo show at Raymond & Raymond Gallery, San Francisco
1945-46: Paintings in Faculty show at University of California, Berkley, Power
Station Building
1947-1948: Year sabbatical spent at Green Point, Cowichan Bay, BC;
    Studied Indigenous Art at Victoria’s (now defunct) Anthropological museum
1950: Solo exhibition of 15 paintings
1950: Resigned from University position (Associate Professor of Art);
    Refused to take McCarthyism loyalty oath (Rescinded in 1952)
1950: Moved to New York, New York
1951: Solo show at New Gallery – old Algonquin Ballroom, New York City
Travelled to Mexico (via Santa Cruz) and saw the art of the Toltecs, Zarotecs, Aztecs and modern Mexico
Moved to Guatemala – saw art of ancient Maya cultures
Returned to Green Point, Cowichan Bay
First prize — San Francisco Artists open show
1952: Returned to San Francisco, founded school of painting
            Declined invitation to return to the University of California, Berkeley
            Lived at Green Point, Cowichan Bay, BC
1953: Solo show at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1956: Moved to Victoria, BC
1958: Ten paintings in show at San Francisco Museum of Art, Civic Centre
Three months in Central America; visited musuems
San Francisco Museum of Art – exhibition of ten paintings
1959: Solo show at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria — 50 Paintings, Victoria, BC
1960: Solo show at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
1961: Paintings in Biannual of Canada;
    Solo show at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver
1962: Solo show at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
1963: McPherson Library mosaic Source of Sources commissioned
1963: Received Canada Council Senior Award – Grant to study mosaic techniques
 in Europe
            Paintings in Biennale at Sao Paulo, Brazil
1964: Studied at the Academia della Bella Arte, Ravenna, Italy, under the direction
of Professor Renato Signorini
McPherson Library mosaic installed
Pursued interest in Romanesque and Medieval painting in the galleries of Europe
Settled in Lipari, Isole Eolie, off Sicily for nine months
1965-1974: Lived in Lingua, on the Island of Salina
1965: Private exhibition – American Federation of Arts – A Selection of Paintings
and Drawings by Margaret Peterson, From the Years 1929 Through 1962 – Carmel, California
1974: Returned to Victoria, BC
1976-77: Executed Mosaic at Richard Blanshard Building
1978: Retrospective show at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
1982: Husband Howard O’Hagan Died
1997: Died in Sidney, BC