Earthquake Foot

Earthquake Foot
Tim Paul

The Earthquake is our eleventh relative. We as a people must prepare ourselves each day and give thanks for all good things. We converse with the Maker when the moon is growing at the time of the new moon. Sometimes we take more than we need and do not put enough back. Our earthquake relative quickly reminds us of who we are and what we are entitled to. He will get angry and step out of his home in the mountain.

The earthquake is four dwarf-like people figures who live inside the mountain. When they see a passer-by they begin to sing and dance and try to entice the visitor into joining them in the celebration. If lured into the dance, the visitor will be forced to dance until tired and eventually to stumble into the large central drum. When the foot makes contact with the drum, it becomes infected with what is called Earthquake Foot and with each step the earth begins to tremble until it causes an earthquake.

[Tim Paul (source: Spirit Wrestler Gallery)]