The Dragon

The Dragon
Francis Dick

(excerpt from Interview with Shelby Richardson 4 August, 2011)

Yeah but all this stuff I’ve been talking about it’s everything. I think like this piece, this piece, when I went to Germany or not Germany, China sorry, Beijing, I was in Beijing for three and a half weeks and everywhere I went. I mean on Christmas Day I climbed the Great Wall of China, it was amazing. And so just to be there, you know, going to the Forbidden City and being on the ancientness of their territory. That place and that culture is really cool and being able to share with them our work, what we do and coming back and creating this dragon, because everywhere we went there were these dragons right. So that’s about traveling to another place, another whole other country and going to their sacred sites, their sacred places. And being there and just really feeling and really trying, really connecting, being mindful, having consciousness around where you are, where you’re standing and what you’re feeling as you’re standing there.

[Dick in interview, 4 August, 2011]