Art Project

Art Project: Ladybug and the Flood

Ladybug and the Flood, lessLIE, 2007, Acrylic on Paper, 57.78 X 35.5 cm


  • Ladybug and the Flood Legend (access here)
  • Trigon, Crescent, Oval templates (access here; print off 1 set per 1-3 students)
  • Card Stock or heavy construction paper (to create traceable shapes)
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • 11×17 sheets of paper for drawing
  • 3 pencil crayons (3 colours) per student

Shapes and Pencils


  1. Read the Cowichan legend The Ladybug and the Flood to the class.
  2. Print out and glue the Trigon, Crescent, and Oval templates onto card stock or heavy construction paper, then cut out the shapes. Two or three children may be able to share one set of traceable shapes.
  3. Using only the Trigon, Crescent, and Oval shapes and three colours of pencil crayons, have the students create a scene of their choosing from the legend they have just heard. As they have seen in the Artwork for Discussion section, these shapes can and sometimes should combine to create larger ideas. The goal is to create a picture solely from Coast Salish design elements.
  4. Once the tracing is complete the students can fill in the colour and add some small details.
  5. Don’t forget to tell them to add their artist signature to their work!