Bird Transformation

Bird Transformation, John Marston, Yellow cedar, abalone, cedar root, cedar bark and acrylic paint, 2013, 29.85 cm x 17.78 cm x 11.43 cm (Left Image: Front; Right Image: Back)

“I like to tell the history of our people, and tell the legends of where we came from and who we are.

One of the most important things for me in my work is to always remember that I’m part of a heritage, I’m part of a culture that’s been here for thousands of years, and I’ve only been here for thirty-six.

I think that as long as I am true to our history and my teachings and the artwork then I feel that I’m doing something right.”

– John Marston

What materials were used to create this artwork?

What is the relationship between the bird and the human?

Why are the human’s eyes closed?

What are the similarities/differences between the two faces?

What do you think the face within the bird symbolizes?

The Cowichan people believe that the first people fell from the sky as birds and transformed into humans. Can you find a story here?

What could this artwork be used for?