Cultural CununDRUM

Cultural CununDRUM, lessLIE, Acrylic on hide, 2013, 50.8 cm in diameter, 6.99 cm deep

big bucks

born in

the salish sea


a cultural


taking salish land

for lucrative coffee

andy whorl



spindle whorl

as the w(((h)))orl(((d)))

a big bucks core-poor-ration

putting the poor

on rations

while the rich drink

cultural cofFEE

a cultural



What is going on here?

lessLIE loves to play with words. Notice his name. What does this title tell us about the artwork? What does the poem tell us?

What is a conundrum?

Can you tell what object this is painted on? The artist lessLIE also built the drum before he painted it. What materials might he have used?

Is this kind of copying okay? What are the differences here?

Coast Salish people live between two very different worlds. One is full of tradition and the other is very modern. Does this artwork tell us something about that?