Preservation, Susan Point, Serigraph on paper, 1996, 80.0 cm x 81.28 cm

What is happening here? Where are we?

What is the relationship between these creatures?

How does this image make you feel?

Notice that the entire image is made from Trigons, Crescents and Ovals. (The eyebrows are conjoined crescents). It also contains the spindle whorl shape.

Why does the bird have a face in its body? Is this face human? The sun? The moon?

There appears to be a horizon line in this picture. What time of day is it?

Note where the killer whale and (eagle/thunderbird) are placed on the background. Is this a division between air and water?

The Killer Whale is a mammal. The parts of it which cross the ‘line’ change colour. Why?

Why did the artist choose these colours?

The name of this painting is Preservation. What is the artist trying to tell us?