Timeless Circle

Timeless Circle, Susan Point, Serigraph on paper, 2013, 81.28 cm x 81.28 cm

“The overall form is the essence of the artwork and is meant to appeal on an emotional level. And, as one draws nearer, you can explore the content of the imagery and discover the unique different complexities. The circular format of the artwork incorporates a range of human faces, each one unique, celebrating the diversity of cultural and ethic backgrounds of people around the world … these faces also represent our local peoples from the past, present and future.

This design symbolically represents a Coast Salish spindle in my own unique contemporary Coast Salish art style.”

– Susan A. Point

What do you see? What is happening here?

The faces of these people are all different. Who are they? Are they all from the same place and time?

What are these people feeling?

How does this picture make you feel?

Are those eyebrows or birds on their faces? Why would the artist do this?

What is the artist trying to tell us in this image?

Susan Point’s works often reflect the shape of a traditional spindle whorl. Do you notice that shape here?