Anne Mayhew is the daughter of sculptor Elza Mayhew. Early on, with a BA (Victoria College 1961) and MA (UBC), she lectured with the English Department at the University of Victoria including courses in children’s literature, mythology and folktale, before turning to journalism.


Photograph by Joey Walker, 1998, published with permission

As writer and editor, she worked with TIME Canada, OWL magazine, International Wildlife magazine, and extensively with Beautiful British Columbia magazine.

Her years in the east included several at Metro Toronto Zoo (media, public relations), and Royal Ontario Museum (communications director). She also initiated courses in children’s literature at Centennial College, Scarborough, where she taught for several years.

Growing up with sculpture – helping her mother mix cement in the driveway, naming many of the sculptures at her request, and being part of the Limner “family” – has been a large and much appreciated part of her life.

Affinity with animals was another part, which led from early bird-watching, to wildlife writing, and to her own Half-Acre books about her border collies.
She lives semi-rural in a small orchard where a flock of heritage chickens make merry on Mayhew sculptures. Her two children, Dr. Morgan Price and Rhondda Price, live nearby.

Source: Anne Mayhew, March 2013