Vicky Husband is one of British Columbia’s best-known environmentalists and a member of the Order of Canada and the Order of BC.  She  is tireless in her drive to protect BC’s natural heritage, especially the coastal rainforest, with a focus on ancient forest protection, wildlife, and sustainable fisheries.  She has focused on working toward environmental, economic and social  resource extraction that protects all values and is sustainable in the long term.  She has been a leader in numerous conservation debates, including working for the protection of the ancient rainforests of Clayoquot Sound and Vancouver Island, the Great Bear Rainforest, South Moresby/ Gwaii Haanas, and the Khuzeymateen grizzly bear sanctuary.  Her major goal is to educate the public about environmental and resource extraction issues. Her work, done entirely on a volunteer basis, has earned her numerous honours, including a United Nations award for environmental achievement and an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Victoria.

Husband worked with Karl Spreitz in the 1980s on several films including Ninstints: Shadow Keepers of the Past, which tracks the history of the abandoned Haida totem pole village of Ninstints, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on Skunggwai island off the south west corner of Haida Gwaii.

Source: Vicky Husband, 2013.