Prod. Karl Spreitz and Herbert Siebner, 1965. Remixed sound by Renee Poisson, 2013. 16 mm film.
8:40 min

Filmed by Karl Spreitz and Herbert Siebner at Beaver Lake, Victoria. Experimental film featuring Siebner, Bob de Castro, Nita Forrest, Michael Morris, Pam Butcher, Sally Gregson, and others.

Order of Appearance

[0:01] Herbert Siebner
[0:35] Gudrun Bauerzach
[1:08] Bob De Castro, the Don’t Man
[1:48] Ina
[2:02] Pam Butcher
[2:48] Ed
[4:02] Peter Forrest
[4:47] Birthday party at Rudi Bauerzach
[5:00] Michael Morris
[6:20] Sally Gregson and Maurice Borrly
[7:41] Boo Forrest and Angela Siebner