With the casting of the Column of the Sea. – complete version

Prod. Karl Spreitz and Anne Mayhew, 1985, 16mm film

Includes original footage of the casting of the Column of the Sea in 1973 at the Eugene Aluminum and Brass Foundry, Eugene, Oregon; subsequent sand-blasting and welding together of the 35 pieces of the 16-foot column at Myrmo’s Machine Shop in Eugene; and the final shipping to Confederation Centre, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, for the centenary of that province.    The film also  includes  footage of Elza’s studio and garden in James Bay

A Spreitz/Mayhew production
Music: John Celona, Sound: Barrie Angus, Narration: Henry Besier, Still photos: Ken McAllister, Script: Anne Mayhew

Richard Ciccimarra
Wendy Warren
Robert de Castro
Jan Zach
Max Reck (owner of Eugene Aluminum and Brass Foundry)