With the casting of the Column of the Sea – preliminary version

Prod. Karl Spreitz and Anne Mayhew, 1985, 16mm film

This film is included as a process piece, showing a draft of the final film.  It shows the making of The Column of the Sea, a bronze sculpture by Elza Mayhew and  a selection of her previous work. The film depicts her styrofoam casting process; bronze casting at Ferno’s Ironworks, Eugene, Oregon; and the finishing, assembling, and final installation of the work for the Confederation Arts Centre, Charlottetown, PEI.

12:55 16 mm col.
Karl Spreitz and Anne Mayhew
Sn. Mix. Northwest Sound

Order of Appearance

[1:33] Elza Mayhew
[2:00] Wendy Warren, studio assistant
[2:09] Robert de Castro