Interviewer: What are you working on?

Jan: [unintelligible]

Interviewer: It doesn’t matter when you’re a potter?

Jan: Time doesn’t matter at all. That leads to [unintelligible].

Interviewer: You have a spot out at Sooke where you sell quite a few things to the tourists.

Jan: Yeah.

Interviewer: What do they go for most of all?

Jan: I wouldn’t say that I have too many tourists coming out. Because the things that I do are not as wanted by tourists. They are made for everyday use and of course when I do a few pieces that have, let’s say uh… a more artistic value that a normal tourists’ souvenir would have.

Interviewer: What about this art?


Jan: This is quite the setup here. It is the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. It is the first time that this type of display of working artists has been combined, and uh… in my opinion it is really valuable for the public to see how these things are done.