MP: Now he even kisses me!

MB: What number of kisses?

MP: Take one, take two.


MB: Well, nice to see you Karl.

KS: Nice to see you too.

[scene change]

MB: It’s laid down; the other one is just going down now I think.

[scene change]

MP: No. There is this photograph of a nude male with this white mask right here.

MB: Oh yes.

MP: It’s absolutely just pure white.

MB: Yeah. That’s all I can say, yeah.

MP: Gosh, I haven’t seen that one yet either. I haven’t seen any of these!

MB: That looks pretty good.

MP: Yes!

MB: That’s Canada Council.

MP: That one is?

MB: Myfanwy, behind you.

MP: And that’s one too?

MB: Yeah.

MP: Max, tell me: these papers, do you – I know, but do you wet any of your papers? Do you –

MB: No.

MP: You don’t?

MB: Maybe that would be a good idea, but I don’t.

MP: No, but I wondered if you did.

MB: No.

MP: Oh. Of course the drawing, I just love it.

MB: That’s a restaurant scene…

MP: Yes, yes. And there’s… a scarecrow. Oh that’s a beautiful one.

MB: I like this one. If it was matted and framed it would look good put up.

MP: Oh, isn’t that nice? That’s a beauty!

MB: I did all black, all black paint.

MP: And this is like, this is a conte?

MB: That’s oil paint.

MP: Ah hah.

MB: No it’s just done on the glass.

MP: Oh I see!

MB: Anytime I do one I can show you how you get that done.

MP: I see, is that! A huh.

[scene change]

MP: You see it’s that –

MB: Broken line.

MP: It’s that broken line! The way it sort of…

MB: Yeah well, it’s quite easy.

KS: I feel like I’m being cheated, I can’t look!

MP: I don’t know… it’s really… well you’ll have to look afterwards.

KS: Ah yes I will.

MP: It’s really unique.

MB: Just surrounded in her own solitude, that one.

MP: Yes. She is. [Laughter]. Oh dear, look. Isn’t it marvelous? Look.

KS: Uh oh.

[scene change]

MP: Alright Max. But that… you know, I have… there’s a blockage in my mind, to something.

MB: Oh well that won’t open it up.

MP: To something… Some are so…. Oh, I think these are super.

MB: Up there on Oak Bay Avenue.

MP: Yeah.

MB: They’ve got an art store, you know?

MP: No.

MB: Oh. Well on Oak Bay Avenue…. and you put that on. And I use one of these, to press, to draw. You see?

MP: Yes.

MB: But every time you touch it it leaves a smudge underneath.

MP: Yes, I see. You mean if your hand touches it or anything.

MB: Yeah. Now I don’t know what I’m doing but we’ll see anyway.

MP: Yes.

MB: It’s one of these clear, kind of queer clown characters that I do really well. He’s quite paunchy; he looks kind of curved.

MB: We’ll say it’s a puppet because its legs are kind of short.

MP: Yes, I see.

MB: You know, a marionette or something. We’ll put these vertical stripes here. And then, when the rest is done…

MP: Yes.

MB: We’ll make it dark by rubbing around in circles.

[Quiet talking]

MB: Now that one’s pretty damp. Let it dry for a couple of hours… after of a couple of hours it’ll be dry and then you can work on it.

MP: Yes, I see!

[scene change]

MB: Now those are done in a different way…